Frequently Asked Questions

Which language are the classes taught at?

All our classes are taught only in English. The communication with the college is also led in English.

What are the requirements to enter to your BSc and MSc programs?

We are happy to welcome in our programmes all those who are motivated to enhance their career by getting the best possible education, accredited by the British University of Buckingham. You can find the requirements details on our website.

Do you provide scholarships?

Our college does not offer scholarships at the moment, but we recommend everybody seeking for financial aid to to consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their respective home country, especially those students enrolling in our Master programmes.

When does the school year start?

The winter semester starts in early October. The spring semester starts in March. Each semester has 12 weeks.

Where is the MSoB diploma valid?

Our programmes are accredited by the University of Buckingham. Your diploma will be British, fulfilling the prestigious and globally respected UK standards.

To validate your diploma in the Czech Republic or your country of origin, the standard nostrification process will be applied. In the Czech Republic, the nostrification is assured by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Who are the teachers in our programs?

Our teachers and lecturers are amongst the best academics and professionals in their fields. We only hire teachers with a proven track record of real-world achievements, as well as strong theoretical knowledge and the ability to teach in an inspiring manner.

Will you support me in getting my visa, if needed?

We will provide you with all necessary documents you need for obtaining your  visa. On top, we will guide you through the process and point out the relevant authorities. The process itself has to be initiated and managed by yourself as the future holder of the visa. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs is always the first touchpoint for further questions. Please keep in mind, that the process of visa delivery takes between 90 and 120 days.

Is there an alumni club?

The Prague alumni club is in the making. Our current alumni club is based in Buckingham. You will become a part of this enormous international alumni club as well.

How much is the tuition?

Study fee is for both degrees (BSc and MSc) 6 400 EUR per year.

Do you have any question? Do you need any additional information?

We are at your disposal, feel free to contact us anytime.

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