British degree.

Education in the UK is world class and the quality of teaching, research and rich history in this sector are widely known worldwide. If you study at Milestone, you’ll receive the same degree as British students and your experience will be easily recognizable.

Want to see more? Here, you can find 7 Advantages of British Study Programmes

1. Knowing World’s Language

Despite the exponential population growth in India and China, English will remain the world’s language in the foreseeable future. The language is your gateway to the world and the better you speak it, the more opportunities open up to you. Even if you’re not comfortable in English yet, an English study programme will help you overcome this by constant practice.


2. Strong International Networks

When choosing an English study programme, you’re diving into an international environment with students from all across the world. This is a fantastic way to kick-​start your global network early on and make meaningful connections. Later on, those can directly turn into interesting and rewarding career opportunities. But even on a personal level, it can’t hurt to have friends all around the globe when planning your next vacation, can it?


3. Global Career Perspectives

Let’s face it, if you flirt with the idea of launching your career (or family!) abroad, you’ll want to be able to fully express yourself in English. In fact, in order to secure yourself a rewarding position in an international company, you want to be close to a native level. To get there requires constant, ongoing practice. Emerging yourself into an English-​speaking environment guarantees you to get the necessary practice.

4. Semesters Abroad

Many students claim that studying abroad has been one of the most rewarding experiences in their lives, both personally and professionally. The new environment forces you to outgrow your old habits and pay attention to small details. The further away you go, there bigger the cultural difference is likely to be. Of course, in almost all cases you will converse and study in English. We believe it’s a good idea to start your international experience while still within the comforts of your own home. This way, the transitions feels smoother.


5. Up-​to-​date Research and Textbooks

Most current research is first produced in English. If you want to study with the latest textbooks and most up-​to-​date information available, English study programmes might be a good idea for you. As you grow more confident in reading English texts, you’ll also find reading English novels and watching movies in English more and more natural.


6. Expanding Comfort Zone

Even if you’re nervous about enrolling in an English study programme, the experience will highly likely open up your comfort zone. Diving into the unknown is one of the fastests ways to grow as a person. Your confidence in your abilities will grow once you look back and realise how you not only mastered your course content but also the English language.


7. Fun!

On top of all professional and personal benefits, studying in English will be a fun experience. Being part of an English-​speaking community often leads to different conversations and streams of thought.

 Grow your Career!

Study in a true international environment and learn from the brightest minds of the industry to become a global leader.