Czech or International College?

In our recent articles, we’ve discussed the advantages of studying in English (link) and pointed out why employers in the business realm prefer international degrees (link). This article touches down on a similar question: should I study at a Czech or International College? What are the Pros and Cons?

Well, that depends...

Like we said in the articles mentioned above, there’s no clear-cut rule, applicable for everybody. Generalizing such an important matter would be shortsighted. The answer depends on you, the individual behind the question. What do you want to do with your degree and where so you see yourself in the next decade?

The following points will underline the Pros and Cons of studying at a Czech College. Obviously, the Pros for studying at a Czech College are the Cons for studying at an International College, and vice versa.


Studying at a Czech College – The Pros


1. Strong local knowledge

Studying at a Czech college will help you grasp your local markets and communities better. You’ll become an expert on how things are done in your home country, using mostly local research. This enables you to secure strong local careers.


2. Deep local networks

During your studies, you’ll have plenty of time to weave networks with fellow students, lectors, and professional from your industry of choice. This way, you get to know the most important figures of your discipline and can focus on connecting with them early on, which can pay off in terms of job opportunities later on.


3. No language barriers

You’ll not be faced with the difficulty of learning an extra language. Hence you can fully dive into your discipline and spend all your time with the course materials.


Studying at a Czech College – The Cons


1. Lacking global perspective

International colleges offer you the most current, global research, focusing on broader-scale problems and case studies. You’ll apply your knowledge to real-world issues and pick the best approaches from different cultures. Even if you’ll work in your home country, you can apply this global mindset to local challenges and think outside the box.

2. Missing English Focus

English is (and likely will remain) the world’s language; you’ll limit your career outlooks by neglecting to learn the language. If you want a leadership position within an international environment, there’s no way around sharpening your English – until you feel confident enough to delegate work and even lead negotiations.


3. Lack of Cross-Cultural Skills

Studying locally, you’ll likely be surrounded by Czech people at all times. This way, you miss out on opportunities to develop valuable cross-cultural skills and learn about the key differences between Czech and other cultures. In a work environment, even if you choose to stay in your hometown, chances are you’ll deal with other nationalities on a more or less regular basis – thanks to globalization and instant communication via the internet.


While studying at a Czech College will help you become a local expert with strong networks, you might miss out on valuable global perspectives and the chance to elevate your thinking beyond your home-base. While neither approach is inherently good or bad, this decision truly depends on where you want to take your career?

If you feel like you need personal support and would like to talk to someone face-to-face about this, we’re happy to assist you and provide you our honest opinion on your specific situation. Get in touch with us and we will set up a talk.