5 Reasons Why Employers Prefer International Degrees

Globalization is not even a buzzword any longer, it’s as real as it can be with the cheapest international travel costs we’ve ever seen, easy transfer of goods and services from one country to another, and the all-connecting internet, making it possible to reach anybody, anywhere, within seconds. The world is more and more becoming one, again.

Of course, this brings up the question if an international degree course is a good way to go.

5 Reasons Why Employers Prefer International Degrees

Obviously, this is not to say that all employers require international degrees now. As with most decisions, this one comes down to what you want in life and where you see yourself in the next three to seven years. We assume that you’re interested in an international business career and will take this as a premise for the rest of this article.

1. Experience Abroad

Most international degrees require at least one semester abroad. This experience in a foreign country is often invaluable. Students learn to hold themselves in a completely new environment and to cope with challenges coming from being away from home. Those new skills and the ability to deal with uncertainty, change, and new situations are needed in the fast-moving business world. Employers are certainly going to appreciate this.


2. Intercultural Competencies

Even if you decide to work in your home country, chances are you’ll be surrounded by foreigners of various cultural backgrounds. That’s where an international degree comes in handy: during your studies, you’re already emerged in a diverse and multicultural environment. Working on communal projects and spending your free time with your fellow international students, you’ll get a feeling for cross-cultural differences and how to deal with them in the workplace. This is a trait most employers will value.


3. Flexibility

As mentioned above, international degree courses require semester or internships abroad. Nowadays, especially in the business realm, employers expect their employees to travel abroad. If you’ve already done an internship abroad, this will set you apart from the competition, especially when applying for careers in multinational companies.


4. Languages

Most international degree courses require you to speak at least one foreign languages, if not more. While this can be a challenge at first, the reward will be tremendous: you’re able to converse in multiple languages and meet people from all around the world. Also, languages are still one of the top soft skills when aiming for a high-paying career. If that’s what you want, an international degree course is definitely for you.


5. Global Mindset

International degree courses prepare you to think globally, even when working in your home country. You’ll be working in global case studies during your studies and utilize cutting-edge textbooks, including the latest research. Also, by being surrounded by international students, you’ll develop a truly global mindset, which most employers will value.


If you’re thriving for a high-paying career in the business world, you can’t go wrong with an international degree. The experiences abroad and the intercultural environment will prepare you for the fast-moving, global business landscape of the 21st century. Also, you will gain valuable insights into other cultures that will benefit your personal life as well as your career.

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